Every year we tell ourselves we’ll eat healthier and exercise more. But, somehow we fail to stay on course. Sure, a lot of obstacles can get in the way- work,study and other social responsibility, Plus gym may seems like an inconceivable undertaking. And when your  workout clothes are messy and two years old yoga pants are not going probably motivate you  sweat it out in the middle.

Here are some great tips that going help you stay on your workout routine and keep you motivated for the gym.

1. Fueling your body correctly is important before and after a workout. So can maximize your workout as well as your energy level throughout the day. So if you work out in the morning you need to eat at least 35 minutes before starting exercise. Try having a few bites of oatmeal or half a banana.Please, stay way from high in fat or spicy before working out because this can cause an upset stomach.

If you work out in the afternoon eat a light snack if you’re hungry before workout.Such as apple slices, oatmeal, banana. Eat within 1 hours of workout so your body doesn’t start burning muscle.This time add some form of protein to your diet and hydrate your self.

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