By, Aimee Rosa

Shopping is a huge pain for most man.We really don’t have the time go to store and them spend hours searching for it. When we have to balance a full time job, spend time with best buddy or girlfriend, and our personal life is no easy act. And dressing up appropriately for all of them can be stressful when you are racing against the clock. So, we’re taking the guesswork out of preparing for these day-to-day engagements — at least sartorially speaking. I have put together list of shirt, shorts, Tops and Tees, hoodies, jackets, t-shirt, exercise and fitness bags so you can stay up your game without overworking on Sunday.

Blue Mist Non-Iron Pinpoint Oxford Shirt From Van Heusen - 13V0143 (FREE SHIPPING)

Periwinkle Silky Poplin Shirt From Van Heusen - 13V0113 (FREE SHIPPING)

Royal Blue Silky Poplin Shirt From Van Heusen - 13V0113 (FREE SHIPPING)

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Nickel Pinpoint Suiting Check Shirt From Van Heusen - 13V0227 (FREE SHIPPING)

Men's Burnside Blue Dobby Stripe Short Sleeve Shirt B9265 (FREE SHIPPING)

Augusta Sportswear Red And Black Large Ripstop Duffel Bag - 1703

Augusta Sportswear Royal 210 Denier Nylon Sports Bag - 2000

Royal Teamsport Formation 24 Duffel From PUMA - 1002

Black Adidas University Medium Duffle Bag - A5602

Black And Methyl Blue H2Xtreme Expedition Soft Shell From Stormtech - XB-2M