By, Aimee Rosa

True to form, despite the fact that I do often interview various kind of people- from blogger to fashion designer. But today I had the rare opportunity to interview a middle school teacher over the phone. She wants to remain anonymous so I am not going disclose her name. So I am going call her Ms. Smith for this interview. I named her after one of my favorite middle school teacher who I still remember. So how I came to meet her? She recently bought five jumpsuits from after reading my article and on the order page she wrote a thank you message with my name on.Next day i was informed by a co-work about this message. So, I followed up with a cold email and luckily she replayed. At some point I asked why so many jumpsuit at one time? She replied “I will be hosting this year graduation ceremony. Also have to give a commencement speeches”. I have done few public speaking before but not front my peers. When you have to present front of your peers makes me nervous. The stakes are high and serious pressure to deliver on the big day was building up. Thus I want to make sure I was comfortable going to the stage with whatever I was wearing. Knowing that I look great is huge confidence booster.Now I am preparing myself by watching lot of ted talks and shadow practicing. I know what I am going wear on that big day is huge  sigh of relief. A look in your closet you can turn to again and again, when you need an extra boost of confidence is huge,that a power of  outfit. Given all the pressure I also see this as an opportunities to shine. So I am bit relaxed now, knowing that I am preparing with best of my abilities.

Thank you for talking to us and we wish you all the best! and that power of jumpsuit. Thus, we can conclude that  if one is properly armed is ready to conquer anything in life. Well that also include an all-star performance on the stage. Do you need any more reasons to wear jumpsuit because it is comfortable, versatile, effortless outfit and more importantly its fashion.

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