By, Aimee Rosa

Warmer weather bring a few things with it: lighter layers and shorter hemlines or the ice-cream truck. One things for sure for many of us that festival fashion is the best thing happen to summer next to the ice-cream truck . But you can’t deny that far  too often we are  guilty of buy one hit wonders frock. Whether you acquired this dress with your girls or not: now they are stashed away in the dark corners of your closets after one time use.  Purchase like these : the asymmetric, one-shoulder silhouettes, or your  got super discounted rack are truly prodigal. So to help avoid this  pitfall you actually want to buy something you want to  wear it again and again and go for classic silhouettes. We put together some  plus size dress that are closest-worthy  and perfect for  special occasion, work and perfect for wearing in warm weather.

Plus Size Floral Knitted A-line Dress (FREE SHIPPING)

Plus Size Laced Tube Dress (FREE SHIPPING)

Knee length Plus Size strapless Laced Tube Dress.

Plus Size Lace Lined Dress (FREE SHIPPING)

must have for the cool curvy girls for spring.

Plus Size Laced Tube Dress (FREE SHIPPING)

strapless laced tube dress cool curvy girl!